Studio Sessions

Small Group

Looking to challenge your mind, body, and enhance your spirits when working out? Then, our Group Training Program is for you!

Our small group classes consist of a max of 4 participants, ranging from a 40 min express class once you've mastered your skills, to a 60 min standard class. Individuals are provided a daily workout that focuses on functional movements, circuit training. tabata, TRX, strength training, mobility and SMR training. Our leaderboard feature allows you to challenge yourself against other participants that day with our scaled and prescribed versions of the workout. Ultimately, the person you're trying to compete with is yourself!  To keep you accountable for your health and fitness journey, every 6 weeks our class participants will each undergo measurement, body fat percentage, weight evaluations. This will keep you focused and moving in the right direction by understanding the muscle you gained and the fat loss you shed and how those are affecting your body. Review our program features & book your complimentary consultation today, no purchase required.

Private Personal Training

Are you seeking one-on-one accountability in your health and fitness journey? Look no further, Core Dynamics Studio has got you covered.

Our Private Personal Training 1-hour sessions are completely programmed around you and your goals, restrictions, challenges, and individual needs. We start with an initial assessment to learn all about you and check your body for any range of motion imbalances. From there, your programming is designed and new workouts are tackled each time you meet with your trainer. A body analysis will be completed every 6-8 weeks depending on the program design. It's here where we monitor the changes, celebrate your victories, and realign your programming. You'll be added to our Core Dynamics Accountability Group to keep focus with like-minded and goal-oriented individuals. Our individualized private sessions are second to none! Review our program features & book your complimentary consultation today, no purchase required.

For questions on creating your own Small Group, Couples Training, or Blended Packages, complete the form below or contact us.