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Since we are all pretty much confined to our homes, I thought, making the transition to online virtual workouts for the time being was logical and ensures your journey continues to progress forward. 
With your At-Home Workout experience, you will receive bodyweight or light equipment exercises to amplify the movements. I suggest simple equipment like a set of light and moderate-heavy dumbbells, and a medium weight resistance band. If you don't have the options to pick these up, Amazon them or use shampoo bottles or even gallon water jugs as a substitute.

Let's stay healthy team and do our best to overcome this obstacle at this time. You have my commitment to be by your side. I will aid to modify, adjust form, and challenge you through this process. Follow these steps to get started.

Here's How it Works

Workouts will be streamed live and work like a small group class. Class times have adjusted as most of you are now home and won't have to rush to or from work. 

Follow this link to download your Zoom Software from your computer: 
This software is also available in your Apple or Android store.

-An email will be issued with your access code for your session!

*Zoom is requesting you access our meeting through your computer for the best experience possible. Due to the high volume in streamed meetings, they've stated that the mobile audio may have lag in its process.

Use the scheduler below or from the app to register for class or cancel out. Credits will apply as normal with a few adjustments for your convenience:

-Schedule or cancel within a 3 hour window to the start of class. 

-Contact me if you missed the window and are looking to get into a class. (I'll see what I can do). 

-If you cancel within the 3 hour window, talk to me, I want to make sure it's not a motivation thing.

-You'll have 5 min from the start of class to join our meeting.

-Please make sure you stay muted during class so I can teach without background noise from your home environment. However, if you have questions at any time, please unmute and speak up!


-Late cancelling within this (3 hour) window or no showing your session will result in a loss of credit for Studio clients. For online clients, this could lead to revoking your access. Remember, I'm doing this to keep you moving, to keep you on your timeline, and reaching your goals! Please cancel within the allotted time.

****These workouts will be live and as instructional as our in person sessions. Be kind, outgoing, and ready to learn!

To join our meeting, you'll follow these steps:

1. Open App on computer or mobile device and sign in.

2. Select "Join" 

3. I will send you an email before your session begins, it'll contain the codes you'll need to enter the session.  Add in meeting ID/passcode to join, and make sure you keep video and audio connected.

4. Check to make sure you are muted, standard shortcut to mute and unmute yourself is Alt+A

5. Make sure you have water, weights and bands close (optional)

6. Adjust you positioning so I can see you when you're standing and on the floor.

7. Have fun, make friends, and get fit!

Strength 3.0 - 03/31/20

Alternating Unilateral Hop

Trunk Twist
Crab Crawls
Lumbar Stretch
Roll Outs

Workout: 4 rounds 30 on 10 off, hydrate after round 2.
1. Bentover Row
2. Russian Twist
3. Soldiers
4. Burpees
5. Zottoman Curls
6. DB UG Lat Raise
7. Tricep Dips
8. Wheels
9. Side to side bear crawls

After last round, grab a drink and follow along for the cooldown

Full Body 3.0 - 04/01/20

Full Body 3.0
Warmup: Follow Along
1. March Clap
2. Mtn Climbers
3. Side to Side Shuffles+Burpees
4. Lumbar Stretch

Workout 5 Rounds, 35 sec on, 12 sec off
50 sec hydration break after round 3
1. Inch Worms
2. Lateral Narrow Hop
3. Pushups
4. DB Front Squat
5. KB or DB Swing
6. DBL Mtn Climbers
7. Crunches
8. Standing Calf Raises

After 5 rounds, hydrate and follow along for a cooldown