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After being a 4-year collegiate athlete and jumping into the workforce, I was left needing something more to focus on. After much thought, I had something new that was driving me… I discovered a problem, and I wanted to fix it! I knew there had to be others like me, other now average joes working day in and day out. Others who were chasing the dream of health, family, and a career. Others trying to find a balance between it all. These people were vacation goers, wedding preparation-ers, people defined by their job, parents, and I found that these people were typically trendy dieters and gym-goers with no direction on how to mentally and physically find a balance to stabilize results. I know, because I became this person too. It’s then that I changed my career direction. I went back to school and focused on developing a balanced program for the average Joe’s, athletes, and fitness competitors. I wanted it to be my mission to show that with every walk of life for every individual, that being healthy and balanced is achievable.

I discovered the importance of nutrition and exercise as one entity, and how nutrition fuels your workouts and recovery. I learned that clients don’t need to calculate and measure for eternity, but that practicing doing so, creates positive impressions on their mindset to know exactly what proper meal portions and meal structure looks like for them. I've learned that meal timing had everything to do with dominating a workout and maximizing muscle growth for women and men. I learned how to teach people to dine out and not feel deprived, I discovered how to teach women not to be scared of muscle, but to embrace it as it creates our curves and provides our metabolic boost! I've worked to teach males that muscle gains have everything to do with what you put in your body, but not directly linked to hours in the gym.
Literally, I was floored that there was NO program that focused on ALL of this. I was on a mission to develop a program that focused on how to balance it all along with the life you live after reaching your goals too. That’s why I developed Core Dynamics.

After training hundreds of members online and in our studio, I’ve found my passion and the one thing that always challenges me to keep pushing forward, and that’s YOU! I'm dedicating my life to helping you transform, body, mind, and find a balance in being fit and healthy. Join our family and learn how to offset plateaus, and not 'diet', but rather practice a non-restrictive life filled with results you're searching for. Let's change the mold! SAY NO MORE TO THE YO-YO LIFE! 

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What Our Clients Say

Sarah C

I started my journey, with Ashley and Core Dynamics in the fall. I needed a change and had struggled with holding myself accountable for years (7 to be exact). I let myself go after being so discouraged with myself. For ex: back home I paid for a year gym membership, but went once! This is exactly the community I needed, at this point in my life. Flexibility, support, accountability, personalization, and someone push me! 

Stefanie M.

After training elsewhere and competing in several bodybuilding shows, my metabolism was shot and my nutrition wasn’t a lifestyle. Since working with Ashley, I’m getting myself back on track the healthier way. Ashley has been so supportive and is full of information, explaining everything when I have questions. I am beyond excited to take on this journey with Core Dynamics!

Elizabeth H.

​I was struggling to control my diet so I enrolled in the Eat Clean program. Recently I transferred fully to Core Dynamics as a studio client too, and it has been a great decision. Nothing beats the personal attention that Core Dynamics offers, and plans are tailored to each individual’s personal needs and goals. As a bonus, the encouragement from other clients makes it feel like a family. 




We are proud to offer you a spin on functional training by also targeting specific muscle groups, HIIT training, circuit, TRX, and nutrition focuses. Our small-town feel and community is the perfect way to make sure you're optimizing results. What sets us apart, is the one-on-one attention and accountability you'll receive. Our sessions and community Facebook page help you connect with others and motivates you to stay the course. We pride ourselves not just on the results you achieve, but on the connections you make with like-minded individuals. Book your consultation session today!


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